Monday, February 7, 2011

Lovely day

I am sitting on my couch with a cup of hot coffee, rain drizzling outside, music playing, and a warm blanket. What could be better? That is probably my favorite thing ever. This is my 'God' time. I think everyone has something they do consistently to spend time with God or something that is unique to them that allows them to 'feel' God. DR takes baths (as many of you already know this) He has done this since college but now this is his main way of spending time with God. He takes his bible into the bathroom and shuts the door. I have another friend who goes on drives with music blaring to get in communication with God. Another one literally pulls up a chair next to her on her back porch and just talks to God, like he is physically sitting next to her. I think it's so great that everyone has different ways of being in the presence of the Lord, outside of church and other 'God' activities. I think it also shows how personal our God is. He meets each of us in our uniqueness and doesn't ask us to follow a strict regimen in order to be in his presence. I think being with God in your element and doing things you enjoy is just as important as being in his word. He desires to meet with us. I remember a Younglife speaker once relating it to how he fathered his children. He said when he got home from work he always had 'blanket time' with his young kids, where he got down on their level and just played. He told us that this is not only what God did when he sent Jesus, but what he continues to do daily in his children's lives. He gets down on the blanket, in our mess, and just loves on us. Take some time today to just 'be' with God. If you have grown weary of the daily routine of life, and don't know how to return, just start by learning how to enjoy God again. He is waiting :)

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