Wednesday, August 17, 2011


W.O.W it has been a while! Actually my last blog was pretty intense, during a pretty intense time so it probably looks like I decided to peace out on everything- but I didn't. This has just been a season of questioning for me. Not bad questioning, just really wanting to know who God is. Who he is truly, not just who I think he is, or my pastor says he is, or my family's/friend's view on Him. While these are all good things and I believe God uses them to mold us, at some point he wants us to jump. I mean really jump and decide for ourselves the 'who do you say that I Am' question. This was his question to his disciples. What is encouraging to me about this is that its not like they had just met Jesus and he is randomly asking 'so who do you think i am?' This is after they had walked with God in the FLESH. And He still asks them '..BUT who do YOU say that I am?' He wants us to ask ourselves this question! It's like he has been whispering in my ear "hey kelsey…Forget all of your preconceived notions. I want to blow them out of the water. I am bigger than you could ever hope to imagine. Just keep seeking me and you will find." I know there is more that he has for me but we all know that the unknown is scary so it has been a process to step out and walk in what he unveils. There has also been some confusion- which you can expect when you are praying for a 'cleanout' of the closet of your brain and asking him to only keep the truth, to rip out all of the lies and the incorrect teaching and give me wisdom. Basically it is a journey, and as DR reminded me tonight its a RELATIONSHIP. And ALL relationships take work. Ha as he put it in a nutshell…"Kelsey we spend literally 24 hours a day together (which we do, considering we now work together and ride together to work most days) and we bicker and argue even when we have nothing to be arguing about. We are in relationship and it is not easy. So many times we treat God's word like a dripping faucet, only going to it when it's convenient and expect to be filled by His spirit and truth, when really we need to treat it like a waterfall, constantly filling us and refreshing us." amen. And this is an exciting place to be.

Thank you Jesus for your furious pursuit of me.

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